Schiavello History

The Schiavello story begins with Tony Schiavello; a furniture maker by trade who migrated to Australia from Italy in the 1950s, bringing with him a tenacity and can-do attitude that drove him to set up shop providing interior partitions and carpentry work to Melbourne businesses.

In 1966, Tony, with the support of his younger brother Joe, established Schiavello. Built on the mantra that ‘anything is possible’, the company has since expanded into a multi-disciplinary, global organisation that employs over 1,300 people, and operates from 10 showrooms, two manufacturing plants, and an award-winning headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

We are a company that remains true to the strong work ethic and family values on which we were built upon. Quality and service excellence is ingrained in our people, and a vision to lead and innovate is at our core.

From humble beginnings in Calabria, Italy, Schiavello has grown to become one of Australia’s top 100 privately-owned companies, proving time and time again that ‘anything is possible’ some 50 years later.

Schiavello Overview

At the heart of our success is a world-class 75,000 square metre manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia, which is founded on a deep set of in-house production and fabrication capabilities. From this dedicated environment, we produce in excess of 100,000 workstations and upwards of 30,000 chairs each and every year; and the possibilities don’t stop there.

We believe that we can expertly fabricate and deliver virtually anything from within our factory walls; metal, aluminium,

wood processing, powder coating, and glass processing. We are equipped with the skills, resources, and competencies to make your visions a reality; if it can be imagined, we can work out how to create it.

Wholly-owned, our facility affords us a rare flexibility. With complete control over the end-to-end process, products and delivery methodology can be tailored to your liking. A truly bespoke service for your bespoke products.

Our People

Schiavello Group

Tony Schiavello
Governing Director Executive Chairman – Schiavello Group
Joe Schiavello
Director – Schiavello Group
Peter Schiavello
Managing Director – Schiavello Group

Schiavello International

Raffaele Tigani
Director and General Manager Schiavello International
Anton Schiavello
Design and Marketing Director Schiavello International
Kristian Missen
Global Workplace Services Manager

Schiavello Australia

Vince Tigani
Director and State Manager, VIC Systems

New South Wales

Grant Digance
Director and State Manager, NSW Systems

Australian Capital Territory

Stephen Rando
Director and Manager, ACT Systems

South Australia

Arron Durham
Director and State Manager, SA Systems

Western Australia

Pippa Holmes
Director and State Manager, WA Systems
Robert Amorosi
Director and State Manager, QLD Systems

Schiavello China

Amanda Dong
Senior Account Manager

Schiavello Singapore

Andrew Willett
Regional Head ASEANs
Amelia Chai Mobbs
Client Relationship Manager


Finlay Macrae
Client Relationship Manager
Stacey Mahar
Client Relationship Manager

Schiavello New Zealand

Luciano Fabrizio
Global Business and Relationship Manager

Schiavello Middle East


Middle East & North Africa

james rush
Regional Head MENA